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The Limitless Mentorship and Scholarship Program was created to support young women and girls who have dreams they want to pursue but have barriers preventing them from doing so. The girls we support come from low-income households in Monterey County, California: A place that was the home of the second least-educated city in the United States and a county that is affected by the phenomenon known as, 'The Lettuce Curtain.'

'The Lettuce Curtain' is an invisible divide throughout Monterey County where one part of the county's residents lack resources while the other part of the county is overly abundant in them. This divide makes it difficult for women, minority races, and those without access to resources or knowledge of where to find them, create a life for themselves that is pursuant of their goals.

Here at The Limitless Program, we believe that no one should go without access to resources to make their dreams and goals a reality. That's why we started The Limitless Mentorship and Scholarship Program that will provide;

  • College scholarships so that women and girls can study what they're passionate about regardless of their financial status.

  • Mentorship workshops, both online and in-person, so the girls can learn first-hand from women and men who have already paved their way in a male-dominated industry. Through these workshops, the girls will gain a deeper understanding of what they're passionate about, what steps to take to reach their career goals, and they'll hear tips and stories from people who have already walked down the path these girls are about to pursue.

  • Gift baskets with tools for personal growth, goal planning, self care and mental health (i.e., meditation app memberships, goal setting planners, gratitude journals, affirmation cards, etc.)


The Limitless Scholarship Fund will provide scholarships to women and girls graduating high-school in Monterey County who need financial assistance and are interested in pursuing a career in a male-dominated industry. Whether their career path leads them to attend a 2-year community college, 4-year university, or a trade/vocational school or certification program, we will grant the scholarship to the school of their choice and provide them with mentorship and guidance to help them achieve their career goals. The scholarship fund is managed by the Community Foundation for Monterey County: a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The Limitless Mentorship and Scholarship Program was created because we believe there should be no barriers that limit people from achieving the greatness they are destined for. Please consider joining us in making an impact in the lives of young women and girls in Monterey County by making a donation to our scholarship fund, becoming a sponsor of the program, or teaching a one-time mentorship workshop on how you got involved in your profession.

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